Cetus - Sourcecode released

Cetus - Sourcecode released

The backend server source code for Cetus, the ranking service I created with FreeLine has now been released. We created it in 2020 and subsequently shut it down.

It includes a ranking API, ranking game, discord bot and admin abuse detection and prevention system. The code is in a mono-repo and written in Types

GitHub - cetus-app/Cetus
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Github Repository

Repository overview

Backend - The backend service including API, sign up and enrollment.

Frontend - Typescript & React frontend for the main website and dashboard

Discord - Discord bot

processes/defender - Admin abuse detection, prevention and remediation.

The Cetus organisation has other open source repositories for other components of the service. See it here. We will not offer any support for this code, and reserve no rights to it. You are free to use it as you wish - We only ask that you do not use the Cetus brand name.